Life University

Life University Classes are “Closed Classes” which means they exist for a short amount of time and each class compliments the next.


For more information on any of the Pathfinders activities, please contact the church office, at (660) 747-7196.

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Sunday School class is a class is comprised of incredible adults with special needs and a wonderful group of team leaders.  The class meets on Sunday mornings, at 9:30 a.m.,  but also places a primary emphasis on community outreach.  While all groups of people can reach out to others, the members and leaders of this class know that “together” they can make an immense difference in the lives of other people.  The Helping Hands Sunday School class maintains one primary goal.  This goal is to bring together a bonded, connected group of friends with the common objective of supporting each other, while reaching out to our community.

The Journey

Journey: Our College and Career class is every other Monday “Dinner & Discussion”. We meet in the church parking lot at 6:00 p.m. to ride the van or follow. Sunday morning Bible study at 9:30.

The Park

Our desire as a student ministry is not to just be identified as a ‘Youth Group’, but as a group of teenage disciples. Our desire isn’t for students to come, learn something, and go on.  But for this to be a serious training ground that will send out influential disciples of Jesus Christ into the military, work force, and college campuses.  Put simply, we want to be a resource for parents as they train up their students to grow deep roots.

Grover Kids

Each Sunday at 10:30 am our kids gather for Kids Church! We sing worship songs, perform act-out stories, hear a clip-art Bible Story, give an offering, encounter Witnesses from the Bible, watch a Puppet Top 5 List, and many more exciting things! From 9:00am-10:00am our kids have an amazing time in Sunday School. Here they are instructed by loving teachers, who make the Bible, “come alive.” Each of our teachers have a background check on file and have been a member of our church for at least a year. All of our teachers have years of experience working with kids, and their passion is to disciple young Grover Kids into becoming grown up followers of Christ.

Life Notes

Sarah and I were shocked, amazed, excited, and overwhelmed with joy to discover that we are pregnant. I still really cannot believe it. I had and have a great father, I have seen Godly men at Grover train up children, and I hope to be one of those men that glean from their wisdom a wealth of applications as I become a dad. This transition will certainly change us. It will I’m told impact our sleep, our focus, and untold other blessings and challenges. I guess that really is the case with any transition that the Lord leads us to in life. Some are larger than others, but each of them brings elements of beauty as well as beastly elements that can intimidate.

In the next month or so, by God’s grace, we will enter into our new worship center. This will bring a time of transition for all of us. We will all be sitting in new seats. I know I can’t wait to see who is brave enough to sit in our new center section, lol. We will be gathering together at new times for our worship services, 9:00am & 10:30am. Our Sunday School classes will be meeting at new times and a few may be meeting in different locations. We will have official times and placements in next month’s newsletter. Transitions are beautiful and beastly.

As we pray and plan through this transition there are elements of beauty. Numerically speaking we will have plenty of room for growth in both our worship services and our Sunday School ministries. Our Preschoolers will have the entire old Children’s Hall to themselves to grow and call home, our Kindergarten through fifth graders will be meeting on the main floor for Sunday School at 9:00am and Children’s Church at 10:30am. Our senior adults will be able to meet downstairs on the bottom level and therefore avoid large ramps and stairs. We should see a healthy increase of visitors in the coming months who are wondering if Grover might be the place for them to plant roots and call home. The opportunity for ministry that this new facility will create for our people and the people that don’t yet know Christ are truly beautiful.

There is also a beastly element to transition and this will not be an exception. When I was in middle school I recall waking up at times with tremendous aches as I experienced several growth spirts that were accurately called ‘growing pains’. I am thankful I experienced them, but they took a measure of patience to endure. Likewise as a church we will need patience to endure this transition. Some of you may be asked to wake up earlier or to meet later. Many of you will be asked to help serve in our preschool and nursery ministries because it doesn’t matter how great a churches facilities are if there aren’t the members there to love the children that God brings. Some of you will be asked to help us in repurposing some of our current space to help with the transition. Once we know our exact move in date to our new worship center we will be recruiting you to help us in a week that we are calling “WOW!” which stands for ‘Week of Work’. Our prayer and our goal is to be able as a church to do all of our labor intensive painting, demo, and transitioning projects in a single week. That week being the week between our final Sunday in our current worship center and our first Sunday in our new worship center. Yes, there will be growing pains, but Glory be to God who is giving us the growth and is more than able to see us through the beauty and beasts of transition

Together in Christ,

– Pastor Brent