Our Senior Pastor

Dr. Randall S. Neal

Randy has been on staff as Senior Pastor of Grover since October of 2004.  Having served churches in Kentucky, Florida, and Texas,  he has brought a wealth of experience and energy to Grover which has become a growing church in Johnson County.  Dr. Neal received his theological education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, for which he graduated with both a Masters and Ph.D. Degree.

While receiving his doctorate degree in 1988, Dr. Neal taught at Southwestern Seminary for several years as a Teaching Fellow before entering pastoral ministry. He also has a degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University, and studied for several years at the University of Nebraska in the School of Electrical Engineering, with post graduate work being done at the University of Texas in Arlington.

While Randy is certainly an academician, he is clearly no book worm. He is a man of many interests and talents. He rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle as a member of Grover’s Faith Rider Motorcycle Ministry, he pumps iron weekly with his guy friends, and plays competitive racquetball and tennis several times a week with anyone who will play with him. He loves hunting, fishing, skiing, music, antiques, art, and most of all, his family. The best thing that can be said about Randy, though, is that he just loves people, and he loves to be with people of all backgrounds and interests. He’s the kind of guy you can talk to about anything and he will never judge you for what you say.

As pastor of Grover Park, Randy has a vision for the future as he leads the church. He believes that every member can have a place in the work of the Lord. Theologically, he is just a simple Bible-believing pastor who preaches the Word of God Sunday by Sunday as he shares conversationally practical expositions of truth from the Bible.

You will enjoy not only hearing Randy speak, but getting to know him and his lovely wife of 40 years of marriage as well. They have two beautiful children and a family that you can love. His office door is almost always open, so stop by for a visit and get to know our pastor.

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Our Minister of Music

David Robinson

David Robinson, an ordained Deacon, is currently the permanent, part-time Worship Pastor at GPBC.  David grew up in church and has spent the majority of his music and working career as a teacher, performer, and worshipper.  He counts it an honor and privilege to be a part of shepherding a local church in the area of worship.

David has been involved in worship leadership since 1989. From 1989-2000 his leadership role was that of founder and director of the Salem United Church of Christ Bell Choir in Higginsville. From 2000-2009, his worship leading was on a fill-in basis for Grover Park Baptist Church and First Baptist Church, both of Warrensburg. Prior to, and while leading worship on a fill-in basis, David used his talents as a vocalist, instrumentalist, and bandleader to serve area churches. In August of 2009 he was hired as the Interim Worship Leader for GPBC while the church continued their search for a full-time leader. After a few short months, GPBC decided that David made a great fit for the church in a part-time capacity, called their search complete, and hired him in March of 2010 to be a part of the Ministry Team.

In the Spring of 2013, David completed a 31-year career and retired from public school teaching. He was employed full-time as the Instrumental Music Director (6-12) and Boys Tennis Coach for the Knob Noster Public Schools, Knob Noster, MO. He began teaching in 1982 and spent one year in Windsor, MO. after completing his Bachelor’s of Music in Education from the University of Central Missouri (Masters in Music Education from UCM in 1992). He was employed by Knob Noster in his second year of teaching and remained there until retirement.

David resides with Denise, his wife of 33 years, in Warrensburg. Although not on staff, she is the backbone of the worship band every Sunday on piano and plays a vital collaborating role in planning and administrating the music ministry of GPBC. David and Denise have two adult children, Josh and Andrea.

Other ministry related activities have found David and Denise performing at many venues including monthly programs at the Country Club Care Center in Warrensburg. They also released three gospel and variety albums with a touring quartet (15 years), Friendship, and then returned to Chapman Recording Studios in Kansas City with their children in 2001 to produce a Robinson family CD, “Faith and Fun”.

David’s active affiliations and memberships include: National Worship Leader’s Conference, International Trumpet Guild, National Association of Music Education, Missouri Music Educators’ Association, Missouri Bandmasters Association, Missouri State Teachers Association, Warrensburg Community Band, UCM Alumni Band, Phi Beta Mu, and Pi Kappa Lambda.

Interests and hobbies include golf, tennis, cycling, training, nutrition, and “life’s too short getaways”. In every area of David’s life, he is grateful for the Father’s enduring mercy and for the opportunities God has given him.

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Our Children’s Minister

Mark Wigginton

Mark has been a part of our Grover Family for a few years, now. Mark’s passion is to see children develop a love for our Savior – to see their parents faith become their own. Each parent relates uniquely to their child, and our Savior relates to each of us with a unique and special love.

Mark’s loves include reading sermons by A.W Tozer, drinking coffee, hanging out with friends at the movies, drinking more coffee, and talking about the Bible. He proudly serves in the Missouri Army National Guard as a Lietuenant; where he endeavours to Make Christ Known as a Soldier, a Minister, and as a teacher. Mark is also the 2nd grade teacher at Johnson County Christian Academy where he makes the Gospel the center point of all the other content areas.

Mark is always searching for a few good Parkies to stand with him in ministering to our Grover Kids. During some of the most formative years of their lives, children are all to often tucked away in basements, given old coloring pictures, and scolded when they “act like kids”, yet we are surprised when they grow to loathe the idea of coming to church. We desire to minister to our kids unique developmental needs in such a way that they love coming to church; in fact, it can even become the highlight of their week. It all comes down to those loving people who speak and act in love and who have interesting, relevant, developmentally appropriate things for our kids to do and have fun with. What an amazing time it will be in heaven, when we see all the faces who have been touched by our loving service. Will you come and serve with Mark,Melissa Plummer, Michelle Dumas, and many others? Will you make a difference in the lives of some of our youngest Parkies?

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Our Administrative Assistant

Tammy Shirley

Tammy Shirley is the Administrative Assistant at Grover Park Baptist Church.  She has held this position since July 2004.  Tammy has worked in Church Administration for eighteen years.  While “Administrative assistant” may be Tammy’s title, her expertise and people skills are felt throughout all the ministries at Grover Park.

Tammy served in the United States Air Force for eight years and after that tenure, she was employed by First Date Resources in Omaha, Nebraska. Tammy always enjoys a challenge. Her Inspiration, motivation, as well as integrity are key to what makes the Church office and services work at Grover Park. Living the motto: “A Place to Call Home”, Tammy looks forward to serving Grover for many years to come!

If you have any questions about Grover Park Baptist Church, why don’t you give Tammy a call in the church office.

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